Hedgehog Radio

Quietly Remarkable

Cos you’re the Moon
And that’s ok
You’re doing fine
You’re here to stay
Quietly remarkable.

Welcome to Radio Hedgehog. This is our first transmission.

Last year, Dom Conlon sent me a collection of fifty poems to illustrate, all about the moon. I put them all into a small box which I carried with me. I took one out every time I found myself in a quiet place, and sketched out an illustration.

When they were all done, Dom decided to write one more poem, which seemed to be needed, to replace one that was all about amazing skills one might have. It’s a poem about just being there, like the moon is.

Dom read it on Twitter, and people liked it a lot. I sent it to my friend John, who made a song of it. I have been listening to a lot over the last couple of weeks, because it always makes me happy.

Listening to it, I remember that it’s okay to slow down. You can just be there, shining bright sometimes, going dark sometimes, moving the tides from a distance.
Cos you’re the moon
And that’s okay
You’re doing fine
You’re here to stay
Quietly remarkable.

It seems the right song to start with. I’ll be back now and then with more sounds and ideas to curl up with. They will be nice things that people made for themselves or for friends and which caused some joy already, tiny reports and recordings.

“This Rock That Rock” by Dom Conlon, illustrated by Viviane Schwarz, (the collection that this poem is from) is published on April 8th 2020 by Troika Books.