I am Viviane Schwarz, a writer and illustrator of books: Picture books, comics, craft books, interactive books; award winning and published internationally.

I also invent games, teach, and draw on stage.

“One of the most innovative and creative picture book makers we have.”
Chris Riddell in The Guardian
“Schwarz has touched upon genuine picture book genius.”
Books for Keeps about How to Find Gold
“Courageous, joyous and imaginative, Anna is a hero to enliven us all. This funny manifesto for adventuring with friends, for embracing challenges, for not giving up on looking for gold, whatever form it takes for you is outstanding.”
Playing by the Book about How to Find Gold
“partly a study in counting, and even more the record of a cat’s futile pursuit of personal fulfillment and identity through the acquisition of little red balls of yarn.”
The New York Times Book Review about Counting With Tiny Cat
“Viviane Schwarz’s witty and simple illustrations are a delightful feat of imagination.” Julia Eccleshare about Animals with Tiny Cat
“What’s not to love about a finch undergoing an existential crisis?”
Huffington Post about I am Henry Finch
“Original, thought-provoking and very funny.”
The Bookseller about I am Henry Finch
“Ideal for inquisitive kids”
The Times about I am Henry Finch
“wonderfully interactive, witty and charming”
The Sunday Times about There are Cats in this Book
“Funny and original… Magic!”
The Sunday Times about There are No Cats in this Book
“hilarious and down-and-dirty”
The New York Times about Cheese Belongs to You
“a wonderful, unbridled book”
The Guardian about Cheese Belongs to You
“A wonderful, interactive story.”
The Bookseller about Is there a Dog in this Book?
“Every line has an energy and a drama of its own.”
Books for Keeps about Is there a Dog in this Book?
“This one will be asked for again and again”
Publisher’s Weekly about Is there a Dog in this Book?
“This is the BEST book about robot building I have read. EVER.”
Philip Ardagh about Welcome to your Awesome Robot