This Rock That Rock

A book I illustrated with much ink.

To celebrate 50 years since the first moon landing by Apollo 11 in 1969, here is an original collection of 50 poems.

In his poems Dom tells us of two incredible things. First, the Moon is incredible: it controls our tides, gives us 24-hour days and keeps our planet stable enough to have seasons. Second, Dom reminds us that poetry is incredible because it is the most flexible form of expressing ourselves, and is how we’ve always told stories, particularly about our ways of seeing this incredible Moon. Put the two together and the Moon is an inspiring rock of possibilities.

To tell us this, Dom uses all kinds of poetry forms… short poems and long ones, silly poems and serious ones. There are haiku and sonnets, acrostics and shapes. He uses kennings and metaphors and slang. And he mixes up the established rhythms that you might find in older poems with the rhythms he hears in his head when his son smiles at him.

So take up the challenge: read the poems, fly to the Moon, land on it, orbit it. Walk on it, live on it, steal it, eat it! Be inspired to discover new things about science, about yourself and about how the world works.

Published by Troika, 2020