Welcome a collection of videos of me drawing, reading books and talking about drawing and making books.

Here is a growing series of doodle videos on youtube – In each one I am filling a page with drawings while I chat with people. The video ends when the page is full. It’s peaceful.

Here are all three of my books about Tiny, Andre and Moonpie.

Here’s How To Find Gold!

The British Library made a little series of videos of me showing how you can doodle and develop characters, and put them into scenes that might inspire whole stories! Click here to see them – AND MANY OTHER COOL THINGS – on their site, or watch them below.

Here is one of the videos featuring me that are part of the wonderful series of educational videos that the CLPE provides for free as part of their Power of Pictures programme – go check out the rest of it, teachers and parents!

And here is the full playlist of my Hedgehog Radio Drawing Chats, where I ask people a question and then draw what they talk about.