There are Cats in this Book

It’s a book full of cats who very probably would really like to be your friends…

It’s a book full of wool, and soft things, and colourful things, and…


But don’t worry! Whatever they’ll get up to… you can save the day!


Shortlisted for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal 2010

Published by Walker Books in the UK, Candlewick Press in the US and other publishers internationally.

“Witty, original and charming, with lively and economical illustration . . . This book is extremely successful with toddlers, who will not only enjoy the jokes and connection with the cats but also learn to understand and delight in the way books work.”

The Sunday Times

“Cleverly, the resolution to one page is usually found on the next, and there is constant encouragement to turn over to discover it. Combining energetic, minimal drawings, with the cats directly addressing their readers via speech bubbles, Schwarz tells us not only about cats and their habits but also about the compulsive and interactive nature of enjoying books.”


“Each turn of the page is celebrated by the cats as it reveals not only what lies ahead, but even the option of going back a page when the appeal of yarn is almost too much to relinquish. The book finishes with an invitation to come back another day, which is no doubt the wish of any cat, or book—to be revisited and adored again and again. The artwork, like the story, is simple yet effective—bold, primary colors are set against white space with elements of collage thrown in to provide texture and a sense of reality. This book joins Mélanie Watt’s Chester (Kids Can) and Peter Catalonatto’s Ivan the Terrier (S & S, both 2007) as picture books that are not so much reading experiences as explorations of how a book is a creative, interactive tool. Buy in duplicate, because these kitties will get a lot of attention.”

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