I Am Henry Finch

“Original, thought provoking and very funny.” – The Bookseller

Henry is a small Finch, one of a huge flock. But one day finds himself… thinking.


Is he the first finch to ever have a thought?

Maybe. Maybe… he could be GREAT.

From award-winning picture book makers Alexis Deacon and Viviane Schwarz comes an enlightening new story about courage and making a difference. For budding philosophers of all ages, this is the uplifting story of Henry Finch the loveable little bird who strives for greatness, gets it all a bit wrong, then makes it right again in a very surprising way – truly becoming great. Henry Finch is a total inspiration. This is an inspirational book. It is also very funny. I Am Henry Finch is a book for everyone – from the very young to the very old. It is for dreamers, philosophers, artists, the foolish and the enlightened. And anyone with a big bright idea. Vegetarians will love it too. A profound picture book experience told with simplicity and style.

Written by Alexis Deacon, illustrated by Viviane with fingerprints and fountain pen. – Here are some blog posts about the process.

It’s a hilarious treat for the very young, and a present for philosophers of any age…

OUT NOW! Published by Walker Books in the UK. (Published in a whole load of other countries, look it up if you want it in another language!) Buy it from your local bookshop. (It’s on Amazon as well.)

Here are some free worksheets to use with the book!


“Using only very simply drawn figures and changing the color field for “interior” shots to white on solid black, Schwarz conveys Henry’s simple outer and rather more complex inner worlds with a visual boldness that amplifies the exhilaration of his Cartesian epiphany. Henry will be a hero, and not just to readers of a philosophical feather. Small bird, big thoughts. Greatness achieved.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Wonderfully simple and evocative”  INIS magazine

“An ideal book for thought-provoking inspiration. . . the story telling should test a child’s curious mind, expanding their imagination and allow them to engage in the complex topic of philosophy, in a simplified, lighthearted manner. Yet amusing and intriguing enough for the older reader, allowing us to briefly reflect on our own philosophical thoughts and aspirations.” Association of Illustrators

“A simple and delightfully funny story for the very young.” Newbury Weekly News

“Equal parts laugh-out-loud funny and profound, a bold tale of daring and bravery, with a little existentialism thrown in .. . a wonderfully inspirational and quirky picture book that will strike a chord with readers of all ages, especially those who might be small but happen to dream big.” – Junior

“A charming book with brilliant fingerprint illustrations” –Little London

“An enlightening story about courage and making a difference … A beautiful and profound picture book told with simplicity and style”  Smallish

“Ideal for inquisitive kids” –Times (children’s book of the week)

“This sweet and charming picture book will help children to understand ideas of individualism, freedom and choice.”  Prima magazine

“An inspirational tale of courage and how everyone can make a difference” –Creative Steps

“What’s not to love about a finch undergoing an existential crisis? This thoughtful tale – illustrated by Schwarz, better known in our house for There Are No Cats in the Book– is a David and Goliath tale with a philosophical twist.”  Huffington Post

“Henry achieves greatness.”  Creative Steps

“A fabulous story.”  The Observer

“Funny, original, and full of important messages about self-esteem and self-respect, I Am Henry Finch is a must have for any bookshelf. Not just for younger readers; the story will reach children, teenagers and adults alike.”  The School Librarian