“A unique mash-up of graphic novel, how-to, and activity book perfect for young cardboard engineers – and, really, what kid isn’t?”—School Library Journal

My first craft book. It’s also a comic. learn how to upgrade your cardboard box… robot, I mean, your cardboard ROBOT!

Includes useful things to cut out, namely an engineer certificate and workshop rules for your wall!

Published by Flying Eye Books, 2013

“A book designed to be the ultimate guide to creating the robot costume of your dreams from objects that would normally get thrown away or recycled.” – Creative Review
“Viviane Schwarz mixes genres effortlessly. This one is part comic story, part manual. And it’s a wholly engaging way to furnish kids with ways to think out of the box, literally.” – Varoom Magazine
“Our favorite part is that after the book walks you through making a basic box robot, it encourages you to personalize your robot in wild and imaginative ways”.—Washington Post

“A fantastic, inspiring read.”—Boing Boing

“Colorful, stylized cartoons complete with comments, banter, and conversations.”—Booklist

“Schwarz brings us a picture book that is both fun and instructional. Bold text, a simplified colour scheme and the artist’s trademark graphic style will also ensure that this book crosses many boundaries, providing a playful activity for the whole family.”—International Board on Books For Young People

“More overtly comic book [than Schwarz’s other work], but with a post-modern, multimedia approach: The book is also a manifesto-cum-manual for all those kids that prefer the empty box to the toy that arrived inside it, or that the huge expanse of cardboard the new flat-pack furniture came in is really a fort.”—Comic Book Resources

“The book is fun to read and makes for an excellent family activity.”—Grain Edit

“A beautiful looking, beautifully designed, beautifully put together thing (Nobrow – what else do you expect by now?) by Viviane Schwarz that is brilliantly, wonderfully playful, part graphic novel, part instructional thing. Seriously, I challenge anyone, no matter what age, to go through this and NOT come out the other end with a huge, huge smile on your face.”—Forbidden Planet

“If you’ve ever wanted to make a robot out of a cardboard box then look no further. With step-by-step instructions, it shows you how to give your robot features, internal storage, and the best part, you get a certificate at the end. Who says this is just for children?”—It’s Nice That

“A fantastically fun book by Viviane Schwarz. Part-comicbook, part craftbook and part manual, the publication is exactly the sort of thing I imagine every kid would want to have… It’s terrific fun and its as beautiful as you’d expect considering Nobrow’s love for everything print.”—The Fox Is Black

“It’s a fun way to jump-start a child’s creativity…Welcome to Your Awesome Robot should be very welcome indeed on your library’s juvenile shelves.”—No Flying No Tights

“What makes this a head-and-shoulders-above-the-rest activity book is its totally unpatronizing approach to kids having control of what they make and how they make it. This isn’t a book to encourage parents to neaten, and spruce up their child’s creation (no glossy, perfectly presented photos in here); this is a book which genuinely gives the child the inspiration, the space and the practical advice to enable them make something of their own, as per their vision, not that of their grown-ups.”—Playing By The Book

“Viviane Schwarz mixes genres effortlessly. This one is part comic story, part manual. And it’s a wholly engaging way to furnish kids with ways to think out of the box, literally.”—Varoom

“It’s both a story and a manual, and it’s perfect for creating a project with a kid.”—Joy Corcoran
“This is the BEST book about robot building I have ever read. EVER.”—Philip Ardagh