Timothy and the Strong Pyjamas

“A tribute to friends, family and magic clothing.” — Chicago Tribune

Timothy Smallbeast isn’t big, and he isn’t strong, but he’d very much like to be.
So when his pyjamas accidentally give him super powers, he is ready to be a hero – with the buttons of braveness, the stripes of strength, the patches of power – and of course the wisdom of his sock-monkey friend.

A story about great deeds, very large bears, useful mothers, grateful kittens and why not to go berry-picking on a clifftop, especially when you’re an elephant lady.

Published in the UK by Alison Green Books (and in other countries by other excellent publishers)


“Plenty of entertaining visual variety and humour, with appeal for adults too. Most delightful of all, perhaps, is the character of Timothy’s faithful and encouraging alter-ego, his soft-toy monkey.” – Booktrust
“Half of the team behind the surreal Adventures of a Nose (2002) has created an absolute winner. The comic-inspired thick-line illustrations are a perfect marriage of the sense of humor of Lauren Child’s Charlie and Lola and Kevin Henkes’s Lilly for toddler boys (and girls).” – Kirkus Reviews, starred review
“The watercolor illustrations vary from small vignettes, to vertical and horizontal paneled scenes, to full pages and spreads. Especially dynamic are the depictions of tiny Timothy carrying a bear so huge that he encompasses two pages, and the close-up rip of his pajamas (you can almost hear the material tear) as he tries to pull sock monkey from under the bear’s giant paw. Youngsters who long to be strong and powerful will enter into this fantasy with gusto.” –School Library Journal, starred review
“A] beguiling premise, affectionately developed in boldly limned illustrations where comic book–style dialogue balloons are supplemented with narrative; meanwhile, frames and vignettes open into imaginative vistas, bright with saturated colors. Lively, funny, and true to the spirit of children’s play—a satisfying adventure.” — Horn Book
“The narrative has an enjoyably breathless and exclamatory tone, spiced up by often wry or over-the-top observations in speech bubbles (“You are wearing the paTches of power and the BuTTons of Braveness,” Monkey explains to Timothy), that’s sure to both tickle and entice youngsters. . . . A cozy and empowering readaloud to youngsters snuggled up in their own lovingly repaired pajamas.”— Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books
“No way you’ll want to miss the action these two proceed to pack in before bedtime.” The Washington Post