There are NO Cats in this Book

“The long wait is over for the follow-up to her previous enchanting picture book… Wish I was in this book.”  Families Magazines

Published by:

  •  Walker Books (Uk)
  • Candlewick Press (US)
  • Walker Books (Australia)
  • Also published in other languages

“This delightfully bonkers picturebook is a sequel to Schwarz’s earlier There Are Cats in This Book and this time a bunch of cats are desperate to break out of the book’s pages. These crazy cats are very keen to go out and see the world, so implore the reader to help them wish themselves away! The wishing works and the cats vanish but don’t worry – these feline friends do not stay away for very long. Fold-out pages, a surprise pop-up spread and a couple of virtually blank pages (when the cats escape) make this a highly entertaining read. A very funny and visually appealing picturebook from the pen of one of Booktrust’s 2011 Best New Illustrators.” – Booktrust
“After the success of There are Cats in This Book, the sequel is as innovative and as much fun as the original and brings surprises a new.” – The Bookseller
“A clever interactive read.”  The Herald
“Featured/recommended” HeraldNet
“quirky and inventive”  Junior