I make things that encourage and facilitate creativity, courage, thoughtfulness and glee.

thenI was born in Germany. As a child I spent a lot of my time inventing and making things with my family – sculptures, machines, puppets, theatres, books, super-8 animations… we’d often go to museums and find new ideas for things to make, and go straight to the hardware store to pick up more materials and tools. I developed a strong interest in science and technology as well as traditional methods and crafts.

I read American Literature and Linguistics at University while writing Fantasy stories. Then I moved to Cornwall, England, to study. I now hold a Master’s degree in Authorial Illustration from Falmouth College of Arts.

"Whisper Down the Lane", photo by Laurel Turton
Photo by Laurel Turton

Since then I have written and illustrated several picture books and a graphic novel.

My books have been translated and published internationally and I’ve won awards.

I create interactive experiences and narratives in many different ways, be it books, games, songs, installations or performances.

I often collaborate with other artists and enjoy unexpected results as well as careful planning.

I sometimes design games and interactive installations for festivals.

I give lectures, workshops and drawing demonstrations, and am associate lecturer on the Illustration BA of Plymouth Uni,

I’m generally found in my studio in London, unless I’m out of doors researching and sketching or at some festival covering everyone in cardboard.